Best Way Investment DOOEL is a company founded and based in Skopje, the Republic of North Macedonia in 2015.

With every investment, it comes a value that lasts.

BWI’s fundamental areas of focus are oil, catering & hospitality, games of chance, transport and infrastructure development. Our company deals with consumer spending, financial services, and real estate projects. Every investment has been thoroughly researched and has long-term intent of importance and quality.

We are an innovative company that cares and respects the history and values of quality established by our clients. These are the same reasons why our focus is always on upgrading and perfecting our common worth. We know that the real value comes out of developing mutual collaboration and partnerships, through superior management practices. Our roadmap is the experience, and the job specifications are our signs on the road for the continuous advancement of the company.

Together we symbolize and create a brand with lasting values.