Founders message

When you believe in your talent, full commitment, and right management you are on the road to find the components of success. BWI is based on these principles. This is just the beginning of how I started the company which leads me to long-term growth and constant evolution in the business sphere.

As one of the most important driving forces in developing modern society, entrepreneurial corporations have become the fortitude of the communities they belong to.

Our corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and the appreciation of our clients. The goal is to envision entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions that can be executed in the long run. Our core values as customer focus, meeting commitments, simplicity, teamwork, and trust amongst people are established in each of the employees. It has helped us earn their unwavering support over the years.

BWI is a journey that began with having a dream led by a competent team of professionals giving us proficiency, broadness, and capability to succeed.

Exploring mutual opportunities is one of the many reasons that we are positioned for further growth.

If we share the same business philosophy, we already look forward to meeting you.

Jordan Mijalkov
Founder and Chairman