Team and Management

The power of intellectual capital for us is essential and fundamental for the realization of all activities. We believe in the intellectual capital that is crucial when it comes to creating innovative solutions. Our ambition is to create a positive economic impact that has shown us the way towards it, by creating innovative solutions with the team which we have.

Together we create and fulfill the high expectations of excellence!

Jordan Mijalkov

Founder and Chairman

Matej Dimitrovski


Marko Manev


Dragica Mishevska


Natasha Trajkovska

Accounting Manager

Dragan Avramovikj

Accountant at OMPETROL

Marija Ordanovska


Danche Ristovska

Accountant at OMPETROL

Stefan Todorovski

Director at POINT OIL

Edi Smokvarski

Financial Director

Vasil Donakov

Executive Officer at OMPETROL

Anita Todorovska

Administrative Clerk

Stojanche Janevski

Commercialist at POINT OIL

Mile Dukovski

Gas station Manager