Best Way Oil

Best Way Oil are gas stations with the ongoing existence in three locations in the Republic of North Macedonia, two... read more

Boxing Club Jordan Mijalkov

Boxing Club “Jordan Mijalkov” is the right place for those who like to be challenged and have the competitor’s spirit.... read more

Develop Group

Develop Group is a company that mainly deals with construction and land ownership in different locations in Macedonia. One of... read more

Marriott Hotel - Skopje

Skopje Meriot is a luxury hotel in Skopje, Macedonia, located in the heart of the city center. Skopje Marriott hotel... read more

Max Bet

MaxBet is a company that constantly grows, develops strategies, connects interests, demands new challenges, expands and shapes the business. MaxBet... read more

Om Petrol

The OMPETROL trade and services company was founded in 2015 and is the exclusive distributor of oil derivatives of Shell... read more

Point Oil Transport

Point Oil Transport is a company that deals with the transportation of oil derivatives to wholesale orders. The company offers... read more