Best Way Investment donates COVID-19 PCR test kits


In a time when our country and the world are facing the biggest health challenge in recent history – the Corona virus pandemic and the “Covid-19” disease, Best Way Investment as a socially responsible company provided 5.300 tests for determining Covid-19, in total monetary value of 3.095.730 MKD (50.000 EUR) for the needs of the Ministry of Health. The tests are manufactured by the American company Abbott Molecular inc, which is one of the pioneers in this field in the world and are considered a step forward in world science in the fight against Corona virus.

These tests are expected an upturn in the fight against the Corona virus is expected, and those who have acquired immunity to Covid 19 and who can return to work as soon as possible can be identified with these tests, in order to prevent the deepening of the economic crisis. Abbott Molecular tests also identify the presence of the Corona virus with 100% sensitivity in people who are infected, as well as those who have been infected and who have had mild or no symptoms at all. These tests are a novelty, the most advanced and are the first to arrive in our country. So far, America, England, Israel and other countries have ordered more than 30 million pieces of this test.

In accordance with the guiding principle of the brand – “We create lasting values”, through this move Best Way Investment sends a message that there is no higher value than the health and the life of the citizens. By providing the means for tests that will detect potential new cases of Covid-19 infection in a timely manner, we are incorporating our contribution to ensuring and preserving public health, both of the citizens and of the health workers who are most exposed to the virus.

Through the series of measures and activities that we have taken as a company, primarily towards the health care of our employees from the very beginning of the crisis, we are now expanding the scope of conscientious corporate work in the social field. We are deeply convinced that only with joint efforts, collective responsibility and uncompromising support for health institutions, we can fight this serious health challenge caused by “Covid-19”.