MaxBet officially opened in Macedonian market!


The European brand MaxBet announced that starting from 18th of October 2019, they are officially operating in Macedonian market of the games of chance.

MaxBet is a company with a powerful network in the field of gaming and they are closely following the development of innovation in the field of gambling globally, and dedicatedly develop strategies and continuously seek new challenges.

MaxBet is formed in 1997, under the name “JuKrijkos”. After years of operation and efforts to succeed in its field, it grows from a young company into a recognizable giant and in 2008 they rebrand the company to MaxBet.

Today, MaxBet operates in many cities throughout Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, African countries and from now on in Macedonia too.

In Macedonia, the new betting stores will be available on the territory of 7 cities: Skopje, Kumanovo, Bitola, Kicevo, Gostivar, Prilep and Tetovo.

According to the announcements of the MaxBet’s management, by the end of next year the business will extend its presence with up to 100 stores throughout the country.